Wednesday, August 26, 2015

T-rump's Campaign Image to Most Americans and Around the Globe

That cartoon is illustrative of how I believe the vast majority of Americans see T-rump in this race for the presidency.

He is truly a flash in the pan; a one-night stand; the main event for the lonely hearts club or new item on some on-line dating site; or as they say in artillery: A dud. 

Plus, the fact that he is a nasty and harsh insulting man who cares not about who he insults or about what subject he bashes people on — it is only about him. 

He is not in it to win it as they say; but, instead he is in it to market himself more and to a wider potential PR marketing audience for future Trump endeavors. And, that future effort, be assured, does not include the best interests of or for the country. As I said, it is only about him and nothing else.

His bottom line is his bottom line. That is his only motivator — it always has been and it always will be: Sell and market the Trump brand as much as possible and on a larger and wider scale.  

Believe it. America can do well without Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

GOP: No Taxes and Slim Budgets R Us ... Nothing Else Matters

Whew boy ...

The truth is real and hard to face


1.  NY Times here  (1st Responder Cuts)

2The Hill here  (1st Responder Cuts)

3.  Media Matters here  (1st Responder Cuts)

4.  Embassy Security here (Cuts Like for Benghazi)

5.  Vets Benefits here (GOP Also Cut This)

6.  Payroll Tax Cut Benefit here (GOP lets it expire)

GOP always stands for tight budgets and as many tax breaks for the upper crust as possible, but seldom if ever standing with or for average hard-working Americans in need, except in political Ads and clever reelection sound bytes, and always with no substance …

YEAH …!!! VOTE GOP…!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ethics Alert: For GOP Family Values Incumbents and Wannabe Candidates

Proposed Dress Code for MO Legislative Interns

Legislative Proposal Will Cancel This
(based on some legislator views and uncontrollable moods at work)

This story is almost too bizarre or side-splitting funny (yet really happened) to comprehend or believe. My synopsis from the article:

In May, MO House Speaker John Diehl resigned after revelations he had a sexually charged relationship with a college freshman who was interning in a Missouri Capitol internship program. He was, of course, is one of those “family values conservatives.”

Now the MO Republicans are scrambling to come up with a new internship policy. Rather than focusing on getting their own members to behave professionally with young staffers, as they would in any business setting they seem hell bent on reeling in those interns who cause so much trouble with this dramatic recommendation: Adopt stricter dress code for interns.

GOP Rep. Bill Kidd, an Independence, MO Republican, responded almost immediately with the suggestion that an intern dress code was needed. He was seconded by Republican Rep. Nick King of Liberty, MO.

Both have said: “We need a good, modest, conservative dress code for both the males and females. Removing one more distraction will help everyone keep their focus on legislative matters.”

So, let the old geezers fondle interns or whatever and blame the intern for a sexy dress or tight jeans … GMAFB. But, you have to luv the GOP, eh? 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Let's Play: "Who Wants To Be GOP's Biggest Weasel" — Come on Down

Limo Will Be Provided for Next Town Hall 
(at no extra cost)

First National Town Hall  
(Entirely American Women)

Next Debate Lineup Will Not be the Same as 1st
(bet on it)

Expect Some Oldie but Goodies Q&A
(eat hearty beforehand)

Some will say, damnit this post is childish, rude, too partisan, way over the line, and just unfair (since I'm a DEM I guess). Then I will retort, perhaps it is somewhat, but for sure, totally, it's factual. Deal with it.

First a few quotes from the main GOP lineup taken from here with more details than my snippet highlight:

  1. Rick Santorum: “Women should not be allowed to serve in combat because of the emotions that are involved.”
  2. Mike Huckabee: “Democrats want women to believe they can’t control their libido.”
  3. Rick Perry: "Being homosexual is just like being an alcoholic."
  4. Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I will unilaterally execute any American who I believe is thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL.”
  5. Sen. Rand Paul:  "There is a secret plot to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada."
  6. Ben Carson:  "Homosexuality is a choice because people go into prison straight and come out gay."
  7. Sen. Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz: "Every United States senator should be just like that notorious racist Jesse Helms."
  8. Gov. Piyush "Bobby his reel name" Jindal: "Muslims have created no-go zones in Europe."
  9. John Ellis (JEB) Bush: "We have to phase out Medicare."
  10. Gov. Scott Walker: “I don’t know if Obama is really a Christian."
  11. Gov. John Kasich: (Speaking to Ohio African American legislator upset that his cabinet lacked diversity): "I don’t need your people."
  12. Sen. Marco Rubio: "Humans aren’t responsible for climate change."
  13. Carly Fiorina: "Liberals are to blame for California’s drought."
  14. Gov. Chris Christie: "Someone should take a bat out on that 76-year-old widow."

Something re: Rape: We'd hoped we'd heard the last of the insane comments from politicians about women's reproductive rights. But what started with Rep. Todd Akin saying about rape, if it’s a legitimate rape etc. etc., their body has a way to take care of that thing. 

Candidate Richard Mourdock, child from rape is God’s plan.

GOP "billionaire" Foster Freiss said in “my day girls would put a Baylor aspirin between their knees… yuk, yuk.” (Note: he did apologize later, just to be fair).

Now we see some GOP legislative action:


GOP: Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Rep. Fred Upton recently unveiled their replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Their proposal, the “Patient CARE Act,” would significantly roll back the health coverage, guaranteed benefits, and protections women and their families enjoy under the ACA.  Here are some of the worst elements of their plan:

·         It would eliminate the ACA’s requirement that insurance plans cover maternity care, birth control, and preventive care like cancer screenings and well-woman visits. While right-wing attacks on birth control coverage have been in the news more recently, Republicans have also lashed out at the idea that maternity care should be covered. They complain that pregnancy is a choice, and that not everyone gets pregnant. During one hearing, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was asked if she had ever heard of a man getting pregnant.

·         It would allow insurance companies to charge women more for health insurance. Before the ACA abolished the practice of “gender rating,” women were charged approximately $1 billion per year in higher premiums. Insurance plans charged women up to 85 percent more than men for the same policy – even when maternity services were not covered.

·         It would force women and their families to pay more for their health care. A portion of employer-covered health benefits would be taxed, impacting the 57 million women who have health insurance through their employer or a family member’s employer. Working class families would lose some of the subsidies they receive to buy care, and low-income women would lose access to Medicaid expansion

The B/L as it were: It is so outrageous that in their zeal to score political points by repealing the ACA that the GOP is willing to do so much more damage to women and their families re: health care.

Well, that's it ... I've been wanting to review and post this awhile... now is an excellent chance to do that and be assured I will be updating as we head towards November 8, 2016. I hope you do, too.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

World Watches Worry Warts Wallop World Markets — Wow (元)

China is Communist-run Nation with Western Tools for Economic Progress

Wall Street and Other Markets React 
(one-day gains all kaput)

By habit, I check the market at least twice a day (open and close) to see how my TSP funds (big chunk of my retirement funds) is faring under as part of the S&P where it is invested. Wow – in the red, big time and only one day after a huge gain. So, I asked myself why, and then I followed up on this story flashing all across the Internet: “China Devalues their Currency (the Yuan)…” A second wow …

China's move, which their central bank described as a “one-off depreciation” is based on a new way of managing the exchange rate that better reflected market forces, That move triggered the yuan's biggest fall since 1994, and pushing it to its weakest against our dollar in almost three years.
In a potentially worrisome sign, China's offshore yuan, a more liquid instrument traded out of Hong Kong, fell 2.9 percent, exceeding the fall in the onshore yuan. That suggests more possible losses for the onshore currency, as the Hong Kong-traded yuan tends to act as a precursor to the onshore.
Related here (Globe and Mall) and here (WSJ): The devaluation followed weekend data that showed China’s exports tumbled 8.3 per cent in July, hit by weaker demand from Europe, the United States and Japan, and that producer prices were well into their fourth year of deflation. The move hurt the Australian and New Zealand dollars and the Korean Won, fanning talk of a round of currency devaluations from other major exporters. But some of Asia’s most interventionist central banks appeared to be holding their nerve on currency policy. Said one Japanese policy maker“I don’t think the move would trigger a global currency war.  
Yes, that's Mao's Picture on Chinese Money 
Other Reactions: Emerging market currencies, which have already fallen sharply in the past year as our dollar has strengthened, slumped again.
Washington has for years pressed Beijing to liberalize its control of the yuan to allow it to strengthen given China's high rate of economic growth and massive exports.
But Chinese economic growth is now slowing and the new exchange rate mechanism gives markets greater ability to push the yuan lower, just as the United States prepares to raise interest rates, a step that may add further to the dollar’s strength.
Investors are now wondering whether China's devaluation will keep the Federal Reserve from raising rates in September as many anticipate.
China, as I said, is a communist-led country ranking #2 in world in trade – so is this some kind of new “economic strategy or model” when other strategies have not been so hot? It’s a good topic for discussion, isn’t it?
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

T-rump On-Line: I Need More Money — Send Me ASAP, If Not Sooner

One Dollar, one Grand, or one Mill ... My Site is Up and Running 

Greed Over People
(Every Candidates's Favorite Room)

He writes that he needs rising support from voters as he fights a news blitz against him in a donor blast, saying in part:  “I want to show the liberal media that not since the days of Ronald Reagan has there been such a grassroots movement of people ready to transform our party and our country. I have no doubt that the liberal media and the GOP establishment will continue attacking me.”

Then he added: “But, make no mistake, I will never back down or apologize in the fight to make America great again. Stand with me and send a powerful message to the establishment by supporting my campaign.”

Whew boy … a billionaire asking for money to show he needs it – wow – ouch…!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

GOP Denies Most Science: Now Medical Science (MRI, CT, PET) Shows Why

Side by Side Comparison
(Homer Simpson (left) and Standard GOP-TEA-Rightwinger (right)

Brain scan report is simple, direct, to the point and indisputable:

(1)  Homer Simpson: Small amounts of activity; well below normal size and capacity. Difficult to access for thorough exam at this time or stage of his life. He should be counseled to continue with his work and not expand beyond current seasonal work.

(2)  Standard GOPer:  Nothing significant found; not one single iota of substance noted. Cause may be attributed to excessive TV and Talk Radio, as further noted in this survey from each study group participant:

More updates at 11 pm news.

Monday, August 3, 2015

UPDATE: Senate Cannot Pass Planned Parenthood Defunding (Fails by 7 Votes)

These Voices Win this Round 
(good for them)

Fuddy Duddy Time: Down in Flames 
(And Rightly So)

Heart of this story from The Nation here as well as the failed Senate vote here from FOX:

The GOP, or better, GOPer in general just do not get it when it comes to a woman's decision regarding her own health care:

A key source of federal family planning funding, known as Title X, has seen a 10 percent cut in its budget since fiscal year 2010.

Title X-funded clinics have already shed services for some 667,000 clients — capping a generation of funding declines since the 1980s, according to the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association. For more than 4,100 clinics nationwide, these cuts have not only coincided with diminished services but outright closures. Under continual budget strains, about one in three family planning clinics in South Dakota, and one in five Maryland clinics, have vanished.

For that uninsured minimum-wage worker, her local Title X clinic is a fraying lifeline: she relies on it for (1) birth control, (2) health counseling, (3) cervical cancer and (4) HIV screening (Title X funds, along with federal Medicaid, are BY LAW (Hyde amendment) restricted to non-abortion services).

In 2013, according to Guttmacher Institute, “the contraceptive services provided by clinics alone helped women to prevent some 1.4 million unintended pregnancies, thereby helping women avoid 705,000 unplanned births and 485,000 abortions.” Even Republicans should be glad to know that publicly funded family planning prevented 164,000 unplanned preterm or low birth weight births.

No "war" on women, right ... bullshit – it’s real and this GOP in general is in denial ...  

P.S. The women of America know, too.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

High Court Decisions Aside: GOP Still Wants ACA (Obama-care) Repealed

Top to Bottom and in GOP Lobbying Circles: Same Old, Same Old

GOP Tools to "Fix" Obama-care
(if they get another chance)

The GOP and ACA (Obama-care): They cannot give up … a few examples:

Jeb Bush: Called it a “monstrosity” and “flawed to the core” and “the greatest job suppressor in the so-called recovery.” (Despite the high rate of job growth in the country in recent years). “I think the best way is to repeal Obama-care.”

Ted Cruz:  One of the most-outspoken opponents of Obama’s health care law, repeating in every public appearance that he promises to “repeal every single word” of the law.

Scott Walker:  Joined the Republican chorus in opposing Obama-care, even as he encouraged Republicans to look to the organization that originated the key tenets of the law for alternatives. Under Walker, 83,000 people were also taken off Wisconsin’s Medicaid program and told to look to the federal exchange, so Walker would be left to deal with those “transitioners” as well. But instead of offering up his own alternative, Walker has said he will leave it to Washington to come up with a fix.

Chris Christie: Holds a similar position to Walker in WI. Christie opted not to set up an exchange in his state, so more than 172,000 New Jersey residents would have lost their subsidies. Has said that “Obama-care is a failure, it’s always been a failure and it will not succeed.” 

Rand Paul: When asked by FOX News about his proposal if Obama-care were to be repealed, Paul said “We could try freedom for a while. We had it for a long time… It works everywhere else.” When pressed to explain why he’d want to revert to the old American system in which many more people were uninsured, he suggested that there is always charity.

Marco Rubio:  He, like Cruz, has proposed a plan to take the place of Obama-care, but now too late it seems??? And he appears lost and silent (like so many others).

Ben Carson: He calls for health savings accounts to replace the health care law. In reality his health savings accounts would likely increase the number of uninsured and increase health care costs while costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

John Kasich: Like Christie and Walker, he did not in Ohio set up its own exchange, so 161,000 residents would have lost had the USSC ruled against subsidies, which they did not. He still wants to repeal the parts of the law he doesn’t like, a position that has led many to call him a hypocrite.
Piyush “Bobby reel name” Jindal:  His plan involves throwing out the whole health care law entirely and eliminating the individual mandate while starting a $100 billion federal grant to states to subsidize premiums for low-income people. His plan like other Republican plans would result in millions of Americans being uninsured.

Happy voting in 2016. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Predictable: 4th Video Attacking Planned Parenthood Also Re-edited for Max Impact

This Card I'm Holding Says PP Has to Go Away
(Far too Too Many Abortions We GOPers Profess)

Green  Arrow: Percentage for Abortions - 3%)
(that equals about 1 in 10 seen patients)

First some facts and right up this one is key: The so-called “under cover journalistic videos,” released by the California-based Center for Medical Progress, are heavily edited. Extended clips include Planned Parenthood employees saying repeatedly that the group does not profit from fetal tissue donations, but natch, those parts are edited out for max effect and that is my point.  
Planned Parenthood cannot use the money it receives from the Federal government for abortions of any kind according to HHS: “By law, Title X funds may not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”  Plus, Medicaid funding is restricted by the Hyde Amendment to only abortion cases involving rape, incest, or endangerment to the life of the mother.  Some states use their own funds under Medicaid to go beyond that. Seventeen states and, until recently, the District of Columbia pay for “medically necessary abortions.” 
A controversy over a series of edited and thus slanted “undercover” videos of a Planned Parenthood staff member discussing the medical details of the abortion process and donation of fetal tissue released by an antiabortion group is spilling over into the budget debate.
A group of 18 House Republicans sent a letter to leaders vowing to vote against any budget bills until Planned Parenthood’s funding is revoked. The letter was signed by conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus including Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), and Jim Jordan (R-OH) (from the Hill).
The GOPers’ latest “rally cry” …. “We must act to fully defund Planned Parenthood. Please know that we cannot and will not support any funding resolution — an appropriations bill, an omnibus package, a continuing resolution, or otherwise — and that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood, including mandatory funding streams.”
Note: Primary goals and services from PP mostly do not include abortions (roughly 3% only and with their population that equates to 1 of every 10 women seen).  All sorts of other critical and timely female health issues are at stake here. However, the GOP is blind to the overall mission of PP based on the slanted and bias videos out recently (heavily edited to fit anti-abortion agenda) and designed to do just what we are seeing as the end result: DEFUND an important program for women and their health issues and concerns.
Here is 50 state chart (.pdf) showing health care centers that receive Federal funds – so, will video teams seek them out and make slanted videos, too (I wonder).  

The sad fact is that viral videos hit the airwaves, are accepted as the gospel and media all across the Internet reinforce it on Talk Radio (mostly right wing talk shows) and elsewhere, then the facts and details pour in, but as the case in so many cases, the damage is done. No amount of facts will overcome strong opinion and even so, when the facts are clearly honest, “Area 51” conspiracies overwhelm us… Now the seat of government has joined the crazy crowd.  

Planned Parenthood is striking back, too, and with plenty of facts on their side like here and else where like here, One very good PP explanation seen in this short clip:
This issue is far from over and the rabid GOP moves anyway possible to hamper a woman's choice in her own health care decisions. Why am I not surprised at this latest dirty trick. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Many GOPers to Re-edit, Produce, and Market Fake Video: All of Them

Fake ID's, Fake People Get Access to Make Fake Video 
Smearing Planned Parenthood

There are so many moving parts to this story, it's  hard to begin, except I guess at the beginning with some good investigative reporting ... two links regarding that posted below from Reality Check. 

And as usual, Congress wades in and moves quickly with this from Sen. Rand Paul and his anti-choice colleague Sen. Ted Cruz, both 2016 presidential contenders, who have pushed to deny federal funding to Planned Parenthood in recent days over the fake video.

Senate Fast-Tracks Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


That headline and others here from Reality Check

The main story and that link are also from Reality Check, here, in part.

Based on a careful review of the tape, as well as documents provided by sources with direct knowledge of the sham company used by the activists — BioMax Procurement Services — RH Reality Check has identified at least three names that appear to have been used as pseudonyms by these operatives. One of these names appears to belong to a childhood acquaintance of the group’s apparent ringleader, David Daleiden.

We can reveal that the full names used by three operatives were: Robert Daoud Sarkis, the alias used by Daleiden, according to multiple sources who met with him at events in California and other states; as well as Susan Tennenbaum and Brianna Allen, both of which appear to be aliases of as-yet unidentified operatives.
Re that: This new evidence obviously raises the question of whether any of this conduct is illegal. Already, California AG, Kamala Harris has announced an investigation into the Center for Medical Progress. Her investigation seems to be geared toward whether the group violated any laws in connection with its registration with the state’s Registry of Charitable Trusts, but she also said her office would look at whether the group had committed “any violations of California law.” According to a California criminal defense attorney, Michael Kraut, there is some reason to believe that Daleiden and his associates may have violated California and federal law on forgery, credit card fraud, and identity theft.
Now to the story at hand: It has been said, many different ways that “… a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants (or boots) on.”
That’s certainly the case with that new and highly deceptive anti-choice propaganda video that claims to show a Planned Parenthood official caught on a hidden camera while allegedly discussing how the women’s health clinics are involved with the harvesting and selling of aborted fetus organs via a sordid underground black market.
In the video, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, is seen eating salad and drinking a glass of red wine as she discusses what the selectively edited video would lead us to believe is the process of acquiring intact organs from aborted fetuses and then selling them to buyers.

Dr. Nucatola appears to describe the most desirable organs, as well as the admittedly disturbing manner by which the fetuses are aborted in a way that doesn’t damage the organs that are to be harvested. She also appears to discuss the prices that buyers pay for a particular fetal organ.
As the late great Paul Harvey took pride in saying, “Now the rest of the story.”

As we’ve seen with similar “gotcha!” videos, this one completely misrepresents what Nucatola was discussing, and numerous sites have almost too-easily debunked just about every claim.
(Full debunking links are hereherehere and here.)

It turns out, Dr. Nucatola wasn’t discussing the illegal black market sale of fetal organs, but instead the perfectly legal donation of the organs to biomedical research laboratories that use the organs to help save lives. The price range of the organs described by Nucatola is, in reality, the reimbursed expenses accrued in the delivery of the specimens. (Which makes sense: $30 to $100 is hilariously below the going rate for human organs.) Furthermore, the video was produced by an anti-choice pop-up outfit called the Center for Medical Progress, which not only claimed that this one video required three years of research, but which also has ties to known video fraudster James O’Keefe.

Yet as rapidly as the video was resoundingly debunked as a fraud, it wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the zealous haste of the lies. As soon as the video hit The Daily Caller and The Drudge Report, it was pretty much game over for the already beleaguered Planned Parenthood. Social media immediately erupted with garment rending and all varieties of unhinged screeching over what too many gullible viewers perceived as the ultimate smoking gun indictment of the organization. Anyone pointing out the obviously deceptive editing and the false claims made by the video were attacked as ghouls, Nazis and baby-killers.

The intensity of the outrage closely matched the degree of the flimflam. Anti-choice activists wanted desperately to believe the video was an accurate representation of what Planned Parenthood is up to behind the scenes, so they overlooked the obvious scare-edits and manipulative soundtrack. 

Clinically speaking, the video is cleverly produced, even though it’s really easy to make abortion sound creepy. That said, it flagrantly exploits the worst and most ignorant aspects of social media: the utter lack of critical viewing, the impulse to rapidly re-tweet clickbait without reading, and especially the internet’s torch-and-pitchfork mob justice.

Congress buried ACORN based on a provably fake video. Planned Parenthood has been relentlessly de-funded due to previously fraudulent videos. Indeed, members of the most powerful governing body in the world spoke on-the-record from the floor of both the House and Senate and permanently attached their names to more than one egregiously fake smear video. Legislation was passed and livelihoods were ruined because congressional Republicans were repeatedly duped by James O’Keefe and his acolytes.

Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced they’d hold hearings on the video. How members reacted as well as prominent other GOPers:
“This video is abhorrent and rips at the heart. The committee will get to the bottom of this appalling situation.” (Press release quotes from Republican lawmakers Fred Upton, Marsha Blackburn, Tim Murphy, and Joe Pitts).
The video is endowed with the legitimacy of a congressional committee. Now, several GOP presidential hopefuls have condemned Planned Parenthood for the (misleading) content of the video.
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “The video showing a Planned Parenthood employee selling the body parts of aborted children is a disturbing reminder of the organization’s penchant for profiting off the tragedy of a destroyed human life.”
Gov. Piyush “Bobby is only his reel name” Jindal (R-LA) said: “Today’s video of a Planned Parenthood official discussing the systematic harvesting and trafficking of human body parts is shocking and gruesome.” [...]
Former HP CEO, Carly Fiorina said: “This latest news is tragic and outrageous. This isn’t about ‘choice.’ It’s about profiting on the death of the unborn while telling women it’s about empowerment.”
Arguably the worst aspect of this scam video, beyond the harm it will do to reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood, is the reality that Dr. Nucatela’s life is all but ruined for the foreseeable future. At this moment, anti-choice extremists are likely fanning out around the internet, collecting damaging information about her; finding out her home address and contact information; discovering whether she has children and where they go to school; planning rallies outside her house; or worse.  
Based on wrongful charges, Dr. Nucatela now represents Enemy Number One for a certain segment of anti-choice radicals all fueled by visions of aborted fetuses and the false impression of Planned Parenthood as the Walmart of black market fetus organs.  
B/L: It just ain’t true – not from Planned Parenthood – that should be kept in perspective.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Armed Civilians "Protect and Serve" The New Trend: Feasible??? Hardly

 Since 1775: On Guard

Today: En Garde

Reality Today
(Zachary Gallegos, age 23, stands guard outside the Armed Services Recruiting Center in Sioux Falls, SD. 
The Pentagon has asked such self-appointed armed citizens to leave, citing security concerns).

The story from here (NPR) in part:

The Army is not happy about armed civilians who have been appearing at recruiting stations in several states in the wake of the Chattanooga shootings, ostensibly to help guard against such attacks.  According to Stars and Stripes, a U.S. Army Recruiting Command policy letter issued on Monday warns soldiers to “avoid anyone standing outside the recruiting centers attempting to offer protection and report them to local law enforcement and the command, if they feel threatened.”

The directive follows the attack by lone gunman, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, at two Recruiting Stations in Chattanooga, TN that resulted in the deaths of five service members.

More and related from here (Stars and Stripes article). The Defense Department came out squarely against giving weapons to every service member on a domestic military installation despite a growing clamor in Congress for such a step in the wake of the Tennessee shooting. 

So, short opinion poll here: Do you favor armed service members on posts and stations, or short of that, armed civilians guarding their entrances and also at Recruiting Stations? 

My short answer all along has been "No," not a good idea not one bit.

Friday, July 24, 2015

GOP via-á-vis the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Deal: Stop It Anyway Possible

Official Original Photo
(Mr. Obama with Indian Leader)

GOP Fake Photo and Dirtiest of the Dirty Stunts
(Lousy Photo Editing)

This story with those two photos is from here at Buzz Feed News.

A few details from article:

1.  The Ad touts Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson and his opposition to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and features a photo shopped image of President Obama shaking hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani —

FACT: Those two have NEVER met. But, Mr. Obama did pose with the Indian leader...

2.  The Ad, which is running in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay markets, was created by Restoration PAC, a group based in Oak Brook, Illinois.

3.  The Ad warns: “Some of our leaders, like Ron Johnson, understand that preventing Iran from getting the bomb is essential to our safety. Others, like President Obama, insist on signing a toothless agreement that makes us less safe.”

4.  The Ad’s background images include a shot from an ISIS-produced video, footage of a smoldering World Trade Center, and an image of the president shaking hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

However, Mr. Obama and Iranian President Rouhani have never met.

The photograph of the two of them shaking hands (for Johnston’s Ad) was created from a photo of Mr. Obama meeting and shaking hands with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan in 2011 (note the neck tie then and supposedly recently … look familiar).

So, how much lower can this GOP sink? Because right now they have sunk lower than whale shït and that folks that is pretty darn low.

Actually, I’d have to say for a U.S. Senator to do this should actually be illegal and unlawful … he should be censored by the Senate and expelled in my view. Imagine showing Mr. Obama with an axe in hand standing over a body and saying “this is our president before he became a public face.”

Yeah, imagine that Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops … on the other hand, I’d wager that base loves it, so never mind.