Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rubio Bashes Obama on Cuba and Social Security/Medicare Made Us Weak

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) TEA Fav and Hypocrite

I'll post this reminder today to recap this man's hypocrisy ... he now bashes President Obama about discussions on having normal relations with Cuba.

But recall that back in 2011 in the a speech at the Reagan Center he also said: “Social Security and Medicare (Medicaid)” have weakened us a people that implies that if you are sick are in need, well … your neighbors will help just like in olden days. You know like when you “Visit a doctor, don’t have money, just give him a couple of chickens” .. remember that analogy from Sue Lowden, a U.S. senate candidate from Nevada? Yeah, that analogy.

I give you Marco Rubio ... oh, BTW: both programs are awful, except when they were there to help is sick and dying father in this MSNBC clip (The EDSHOW - about 16-minutes).

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If that does not work today, try here on C-Span (the entire speech and remarks).

Thought you'd like to know.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Most of FOX News: Disinformation and Deception 100%

How I See FOX

The Worse Troika on the Planet

I often prattle on (and logically I think) about how disgusting FOX is and how their every program makes my point. 

In short: FOX will do, say, pay, try, lie, or imply anything to discredit the government in anyway possible (except the GOP/Rightwing side). They keep reinforcing that pretext under the label of being “Fair & Balanced” or news and information we can trust, and sadly, they manage to broadcast it 24/7.

The most-recent case in point. I give you the wacky trio on FOX and Fiends, and please focus on the one in the center with this their latest antic ... here  and her approach to world events: 

Fox’s Hasselbeck Uses Sydney Siege to Defend CIA Torture Program

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sen. Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz: Censor and Remove

Sen. Cruz (R-TX): Extreme Radical, Troublemaker, Wackjob, and Nutcase
(he does not deserve to be a United States Senator)

Rundown on  Cruz's latest can see seen in this clip from HARDBALL w/Chris Matthews. 
It is about 7-minutes:

Cruz not only acts like former Sen. Joe McCarthy, but in most cases sounds like and even resembles him, to. McCarthy was in 1954 censored by Senate Resolution 301.

Background:  On December 2, 1954, the Senate voted to censure McCarthy, who had led the fight in Congress to root out suspected Communists from the Federal Government. The censure described his behavior as “contrary to senatorial traditions.”

To be outspoken or harsh in criticism about public policy or anyone in public office is okay, but to advocate shutting down the government. To me, that is tantamount to anarchy or worse – since it is in essence saying “we don’t need the government structure of the country – do away with it.” It weakens the country in more ways than one.  

This man is patently ill, and he needs to get out of public office the sooner the better. 

Not only do I have this same strong feeling towards Cruz, but to anyone else who advocates shutting down the government and therefore in essence degrading the country. It does not matter who they are or from which political party they belong to, either. It is in a word "un-American" by any standard.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

GOP Out to Get Obama: That's Not News — More Like SOP

John Boehner as a Baby

John Boehner a Little Older

John Boehner Today 

Here it is in living color and raw from the Weeper himself from two sources:   
One article and headlines from the Atlantic: 
How Will Republicans Rebuke Obama on Immigration?

Sub-text: As they register their disapproval of the president's executive decision, GOP conservatives have floated everything from (1) a formal censure (2) to withholding an invitation to deliver the State of the Union address

My advice in part re: GOP's possible GOP plan:

“… not to invite him to deliver the State of Union?” Is that a joke? Give me a break, Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops.

I refer the GOP to Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution – the same proud document they always profess to love and cherish so much in every speech. I simply say: Read it carefully and focus on Mr. Obama’s duties there like in Article II, Section 3 specifically.

FYI: He does not need to be invited to address Congress. He “… shall … etc. etc.” (read the list of his duties and see for yourself).

BTW: If Mr. Obama really wants to anger the GOP, he also “… may adjourn them” or “… if he shall think it proper, call both branches back into session.” Oops.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops: threaten him more with all your little hearts desire – what you say you don’t threaten him. Ha. You have ever since January 20, 2009. Yet, somehow you convinced the voters (all 32% of them) just last month to fall for your crap again. But I honestly believe that will not happen again.

The second article on the same story is from WASHINGTON (AP)  — The Republican-led House may vote this week to undo President Obama's executive actions (EO) on immigration. At least that is what Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told lawmakers as he seeks to give outraged GOP-conservatives an outlet to vent over Obama's move without shutting down the government. Any move would be mostly symbolic, since Mr. Obama would certainly veto such legislation and the Democratic-led Senate likely wouldn't go along with it. But GOP leaders hope it will assuage Republicans furious about Obama's two-week-old actions to shield some 4 million immigrants in this country illegally from deportation, and grant them work permits.

Boehner went on to say: “We're looking at a number of options in terms of how to address this. This is a serious breach of our Constitution. It's a serious threat to our system of government, and frankly we have limited options and limited ability to deal with it directly.”  

No, Mr. Weeper, you and your gang of thugs are the “serious threat to our system.” So, please do me a huge favor and honor, and just STFU. 

Signed and posted by a very concerned citizen.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

DEMS Caution in ID-ing GOP Weasels: We Have Some, Too

One of the Biggest in the DEM's Boogle

Based on his recent remarks, it seems that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) should have sided with the GOPers vis-a-vis their hatred for Obama-care ... Schumer says the Dems made a huge mistake by highlighting passage of the ACA back in 2010.

Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) remarks Tuesday that Democrats erred by passing Obama-care in 2010 before the economy was fixed did not sit well with Obama-world.

Schumer said in part: :Unfortunately, Democrats lost the opportunity the American people gave them. We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem — health care reform.”

Schumer is the No. 3 Senate Democrat when he spoke to the National Press Club arguing that his party should have focused on middle class woes at the time instead. He then added: “It has been reported that only a third of the uninsured are even registered to vote.” (I add: what the hell does that mean – nothing I contend – zero, nada, zilch).

Former aides to President Barack Obama took to Twitter to knock Schumer. 

I totally agree. Maybe Mr. Schumer should have started at the front end of the ACA  process rather that here at the end along with the GOP who keeps trying everything in their power to repeal the ACA. 

I may be from NY, and Schumer may be my Senator, and I may be a lifelong DEM, but he is flat out wrong on this and he owes the party an apology and to the millions now insured, many for the first time in their lives.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Key Parts of New Plan for the Country, or Only for the GOP

Sustaining Our Messages Anyway Possible

Sustaining our Tried and True Commissions and Investigations

Plans for Our Next Shutdown

Our Message About Obama Ruining the Country

I will give the GOP (and mostly their conservative branch and TEA wing) all the credit (or noose they want) for sticking to one basic principle they hold dear:

“We will say things that are not true and work hard to convince others they are true after we say them and reinforce that as much as possible. Along the way, we must continue to turn the positive into the negative anyway possible to keep blaming Obama and the DEMS about every thing all the time until he leaves office, or until we impeach him out of office.”

Oh yeah, guys, we must deflect these attacks on our beloved former leader that taint the issue with more Obama-DEM lies. Oops:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

GOP Immigration Plan: Shït in Øne H̐and, ₩ish in the Øther

How to Best Describe this Look????
(Re: President Obama's Immigration EO speech)

Allow me to try this with tongue in cheek (at least partially): Overheard in the GOP Majority Cloakroom (probably):

“WTF!!! So, you are telling me that we have had Presidential EO's regarding all sorts of amnesties (or pardons if you choose - both are interchangeable legally-speaking BTW) that date back to the very first one issued when President George Washington granted amnesty to the rebels involved in the Whiskey Rebellion riots? Well, damn. What??? President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon who hadn’t even been charged with a crime? And, the VN draft evaders were given amnesty. And, Honest Abe Lincoln, the very first Republican president along with Andy Johnson gave amnesty to the Southern rebels after the Civil War. Double damn. Hell, shit fire. So, now what, my fellow GOPers. It appears we iz f**ked, don’t you think?”

That's all I have to say about that. Now some official reporting from here:

Headlines from here - media link. Enjoy.

F/N for GOPer Followers: Take impeachment off the table unless you can defend these actions:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GOP on Immigration: Bash Obama, Stall, Rant, Rave, Be Nasty

Speaker Boehner: His Latest Nasty Ugly Insult
(Boehner Should be Replaced ASAP)

Obama Plan is Much Longer Road to Citizenship (the grand prize) for Millions
(the GOP can't stand or comprehend that)

This is an update of the previous post on this subject seen below: As Mr. Obama readies his address to the nation to announce a series of unilateral (Executive Order) actions on immigration that Republicans warn could set off a constitutional crisis it must be clear to everyone that he is taking steps to change the immigration system that will reportedly included a sweeping expansion of a deferred action program that allows illegal immigrants to remain in the United States.  

Top administration officials say they are confident Mr. Obama’s moves fall within the law, as the President has said in the past that his powers to change the immigration system alone are limited.

At this point here is a look back at how Mr. Obama has addressed the question of executive action (EO) on immigration over time – a list is listed here from The Hill.

Updated (late today): This NBC News-Wall Street Journal Poll reflects the mood leading up to the address tomorrow (November 20, 2014) night:

Original Post Starts Here:

It's hard for anyone who thinks rationally to believe that America, a country that is “immigrant-based” is so harsh about immigrants. I’d say that everyone who settled our great land was an immigrant of some sort. The only “real Americans (a phrase the GOP loves)” are native Americans and we haven't treated them so hot, either.

Now here we are again today addressing the issue of undocumented persons in the country, or as the GOP likes to label them: “Illegal aliens.” I am still not sure what that actually means beyond the ugly GOP hype, or unless they mean the return of “ET” seeking to get his Green Card legally?

As for me, I firmly support immigrants coming to our country who want to be part of the system, and I have always said that they should come “through the front door with proper papers legally and not across or under the border in the middle of the night.” But, here we are today with millions here illegally (that is the so-called undocumented immigrants). The issue is really simple despite as complex as it has grown: How to solve the problem.

  1. Sealing the border will not solve their status nor the problem we face now.
  2. Massive deportation is a non-issue for a ton of reasons.
  3. “Self-deportation” (The Mitt Romney Plan) is not only silly but well, just plain crazy.
  4. Prison time is out, except for criminals, naturally.
  5. Millions here this way also have kids born here, which makes them U.S. citizens, or were brought here when they were very young and many educated here like any American.
So, how to solve the problem is the issue since that is what leaders are supposed to do: solve problems; not create new ones; and certainly not to make the current ones worse.

Mr. Obama is ready to move on the issue and the GOP is in total turmoil. 

Here is a good lead-in to the pending issue (from MSNBC) about 12-minutes.

Also, the GOP hypocrites refuse to compare the Obama proposal to that under the Immigration Control and Reform Bill of 1986 (Simpson-Mazzoli Act) that was signed into law by President Reagan that gave Green Cards to those here illegally after only 18 months (about 2-4 million at the time). If that was not amnesty, then what was it? Just good policy? Ha.

The GOP doesn't even want to remember those days or that law, let alone talk about it now, but Mother Jones has a great piece on that here. It is short and sweet and easy to comprehend. I especially like the Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) comparison  ... what a hypocrite he is. 

We will track this closely ... the fireworks are about to be lit. It ain't gonna be pretty. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Look of Worry and Deep Concern and Rightly So: Oops

This is Not a Look of Lust or Joy 

The headlines: GOP Leaders Begging to Stop Shutdown Madness

Heart of the story: Fresh off a huge midterm victory, Republican leaders are facing strong conservative pressure to return to brinkmanship and threaten a government shutdown to stop President Barack Obama's upcoming executive actions on immigration.

Eager to avoid another fruitless shutdown like the one in 2013, which was over Obama-care and achieved little other than damage the GOP brand, senior Republicans are looking for ways to pull conservatives back from the ledge and avoid using the government funding process to overturn Obama's actions.

An old Marine expression applies here and says: These two couldn’t scratch their own asses with a handful of fishhooks. Yet, the public just gave them more power. I seriously wonder why.

Watching the internal warfare of this much-divided GOP about to develop should be a hoot. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

FOX Has Their First Amendment Rights and I Have Mine, Too

Her Opinion vs. Logic and Truth and  Honesty

My Legal Basis

I am also exercising my right of free speech, so “Get his nasty, mean kyunt” off the public airwaves.

Impeach President Obama – ha. For what reason? 

(1)  Doing his job while Congress ignores theirs?

(2)  Being decisive while others are not?

(3)  Fulfilling his executive powers under the Constitution while Congress dallies?

Is President Obama abusing his executive powers? His (GOP) opponents are having fun by constantly reinforcing the notion that he’s out of control – and obviously, needs to be sued and impeached. As explained on The Fix before, the number of executive orders signed by Obama isn't huge.  

In fact out of the last 10 presidents, he’s signed the least amount of executive orders on average per year shown below:

Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
Ronald Regan
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
Barack Obama

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

USSC May Poison Next ACA Arrow: GOP Wants Bullseye

The Nation's High Court
(Who Will Be the Swing Vote this Time)

Choice #1

 Choice #2

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts stands at the 2014 State of the Union address.
Chief Justice John Roberts
(Hero Robin Hood or Nasty Sheriff ???)

This is update of previous post (see below), that subject was: 

“Obama-care: USSC to Look at What State Means or Is Is...”

It takes at least four justices to agree to hear a case. Give that there were four justices ready to strike down the insurance mandate, which was equally integral to the law, in 2012, the decision to hear the case shouldn't come as a complete surprise.  

What it seems to indicate, however, is that there are four members of the court who are going to try, time and again, to convince at least one more justices that the law, at its heart, is unconstitutional, illegal or otherwise invalid

Continue this update at the above link and the original story from here:

I sincerely hope the USSC justices review this page ... presented in simple terms and easy to comprehend and not in highly-complex legal mumbo jumbo law they will examine to figure out what “state” means – kinda like what “is” is was a few ago – remember that?

That page is a very good rundown on the whole issue of Federal subsidies for health care that impacts millions of poor and low-income Americans. Keep in mind that “low income” means for Americans who work but have low wages – far too low to afford decent health care due to rates out of sight and out of reach that we saw before the ACA was passed over two years ago.

So, now here we are again with it under Supreme Court review about Federal subsidies for millions of Americans GOP-run states/RED states will not help and just like their refusal to expand Medicaid now want to stop any Federal assistance to help them purchase affordable healthy care.

The basic issue here (reported on by the AP):

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a new challenge to President Barack Obama's health care law - a case that threatens subsidies that help millions of low- and middle-income people afford their health insurance premiums.

The justices said they will review a federal appeals court ruling that upheld IRS regulations that allow health-insurance tax credits under the Affordable Care Act for consumers in all 50 states. Opponents argue that most of the subsidies are illegal.

Who will the High Court stand with after this third high court review: Will they stand with the American people in need of health care, or will they allow Congress to make a minor fix in the lingo of the law as it is now written?

For me, I see a pretty easy case for a really simple common sense solution. As they say, stay tuned – hey, you never know.  

More-importantly: This again shows that this GOP is hell-bent on abolishing this law no matter how long it takes, or no matter who it hinders or hurts along the way. That much is painfully clear.  

A decision is expected early Spring next year. It will be tracked closely.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP: Obstruct, Blame, Deny, Peddle Fear, Gloom and Doom

Anyone have a "morning after pill" that I can take???

This photo says it all (with my labels of course): 

Harry Reid:  “What the hell just happened. What do I do now?”

Mitch McConnell: “Um, let me see. What can I do next to sustain this momentum?”

Now the second guessing, soul-searching, and self-flagellation begin. Then of course the funding raising for 2016: The Big Tamale. 

Who or more aptly, what, actually won?

I posit: Ebola, ISIS, and a heaping of GOP fear laced with gloom and doom and side dish of blame and duck, then repeat as necessary (see related posts on this that follow below).

Saturday, November 1, 2014

GOP Wins On: Ebola and ISIS Fear, Jobs, Taxes, and Dirty Pool

Two-Step Plan
(Even as more Ebola patients get cleared) 

Update on the Dirty Tricks part of this post – maybe even the illegal part. This story (screenshot included below) comes from here:

The GOP is trying to convince Iowa voters via Facebook that their neighbors will know if they voted Republican. Screenshots on Facebook promoted by the official Facebook page of the Republican National Committee feature an ominous message: “NOTICE: All Voting Is Public.”

The RNC Ad tell voters that “In a few months, Iowa will release the list of individual who voted in this election.” Most troubling, the Ad includes an aerial view of a neighborhood with check marks indicating that “These People Voted GOP.”

It is true that voter participation in elections in public information, but how someone voted, including what party they voted for, is not open to the public.

The secret ballot has long been considered a hallmark of American democracy. The Ad is a variation of a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) strategy called “vote shaming.” That tactic is employed by liberals and conservatives to use social psychology to increase the chances that people vote.

In every state but Virginia, whether or not you participated in an election is public. “If you publicize something, it has a very powerful effect on behavior,” Chris Larimer, an Iowa political scientist, told USA Today in 2012.

The Facebook Ads at issue go beyond traditional “vote shaming” by strongly implying that their ballot will not be secret. Two Facebook users who posted screenshots of the ad on social media confirmed to Think Progress that they had seen the Ads on their Facebook news feeds. 

The RNC and the Iowa GOP did not return requests for comments. 

Original Post Starts from Here:

Extract from GOP Playbook: "Culprit Identification Course." 

Short title: "Harsh Message for America, 101."

Chapter 1, Page 1, Lesson 1 Introduction: 

"Ebola will be carried across the Mexican border by ISIS terrorists disguised as IRS agents who previously worked on TEA campaign finance exemptions in Ohio, while focusing on the leader who was born in Kenya where skills in forging Hawaiian birth certificates helped them later on help design death panels for Obama-care after they graduated from the advance course at the Boehner-McConnell school for government managers that also trained interns for the NSA and the CIA under the direct supervision of former student Edward Snowden." 

More here and here, and the most-damaging that the GOP hangs their collective hat on here.

As Rick Perry might say: Oops.

FLASH: This just in ... GOP's "fallback" plan if all else fails — test case here:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

McConnell "Leading" the Senate — Events Prior to that Rapture

Sample of His Goal-Setting "Leadership"

This event must occur first, then ...

This event must follow in short order to finalize his dream and ambition:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Weasel Doctor: Doctor A. Blowhard on FAUX Gnus

On Fox Calls for an "American Jihad" 

Across the country we see a Dr. Phil with his BS and useless one-sided personal advice, or a Dr. Oz, dispensing natural cure medicines (he knows are worthless), and now FOX gives us a Dr. Blowhard.  

•  Jihad: An Islamic term referring to a religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic, the word Jihād is a noun meaning to “struggle or resist.”

A person engaged in a Jihad is called a Mujahid, the plural of which is Mujahideen.

So, I suppose next on FAUX they will tell us how to behead our “enemy” or fellow non-believer in five easy slashes, and News Corp will even provide a fresh blade each time.

Call FOX today at1-800-jihader. What a country we live in, right?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Two Parties — Two Views — Two Paths to Voting Rights

The DEM Approach: Get Young Americans Engaged

The GOP Approach: Suppress as Many Voters (who vote Dem) as Possible 

The proof as they say, is in the pudding: Rubber, meet Road:

Since 2008, people of color become a growing share of the voting population while the GOP has, if anything, moved further to the right. It has further alienated voters of color with racist attacks and laws.  

But as the modern GOP says: “If you can’t beat ‘em, make sure they don’t vote.” 

Over the last four years, the Republicans have gone through elaborate attempts to make sure populations that don’t support them don’t get a chance to vote.  

Since 2006, Republicans have pushed through voter ID laws in 34 states. Such laws did not exist before 2006, when Indiana passed the first voter ID law. The laws were ostensibly aimed at preventing voter fraud, but a News 21 investigation finds only 2,068 instance of alleged fraud since 2000 (that is out of over 146 million voters). They estimate that there is one accusation of voter fraud for every 15 million voters.   

As Mother Jones notes, instances of voter fraud are more rare than UFO sightings. There have been only 13 instances of in-person voter fraud (the sorts that a voter ID law would reduce), while 47,000 people claim to have seen a UFO.  

On the other hand, research by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU finds that, “as many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID.” Those who do not have ID are most likely to be “seniors, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters, and students” — i.e., people who vote Democratic (chart source). 

As Rick Perry might say: Oops ...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The GOP Dogs of War: New Line and New Breed of Attack

The Image the GOP Loves to Project and Talk About
(Patriotism, the flag, loyalty, country, apple pie, Mom, the 4th of July)

The GOP in Reality: Their Latest Attack Line
(Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Obama-care, et al)

(Cartoon Credit: Rob Tornoe, award-winning editorial cartoonist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, on NPR, and MSNBC among others).

With polls showing high anxiety about terrorism, Ebola, ISIS/ISIL, and national security over all growing among voters, GOP campaign officials have now launched a new barrage of attacks on Democrats accusing them of being weak on security issues like the border to prevent ISIS/ISIL from sneaking in while carrying, I guess car bombs, or injected with Ebola to attack our citizens at sleep in their homes like Sen. Graham (R-SC) warned the nation about recently (many links are here on his comments):

Sen. Graham said the Obama administration is “delusional” if they think they can battle the Islamic State “primarily through expanded air strikes and by training Syrians for ground combat.” Then he added:

“There’s no way in hell you can form an army on the ground to go into Syria to destroy ISIL without a substantial American component. This president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home.”

Whew boy … talk about hyperbole. So, I wonder, will this line of GOP attack be effective and work to garnish the votes they seek on November 4th? We are about to find out, but I suspect and continue to have faith in the voters – I hope I am right.

Stay tuned and watch the election returns next month – I suspect it will be a barn burner.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Do Any GOPers Work, Have Low-Income, and Not Use SNAP

Pictured above is Maggie Barcellano, a food stamp (SNAP program) enrollee with her daughter, Zoe, in Austin, TX. She is emblematic of new data showing that working-age people now make up the majority of households that rely on food stamps, a shift from a few years ago when children and the elderly were the main recipients.

A few facts:

Many economists agree that food stamps trigger economic activity when poor people utilize their benefits, which more than makes up for the cost. Republicans, however, take the opposite approach; they believe tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires is what stimulates growth, all the while cutting programs that help the poorest in society.

When ranking what methods help the economy, economists say that food stamps rank among the top three, while tax cuts to the rich rank about 12th.

This from here: Working-age people are now the majority recipients of food stamps, replacing children and seniors as the traditional primary beneficiaries, a new analysis also shows Federal spending on food stamps has doubled since 2008.

This from Forbes with a super chart (Profile of a SNAP user) ... good data and worth remembering next month. 

Of course the GOP always says: “… more government waste, too much spending, lots of fraud, etc. etc.” The GOP eats it up (no pun intended) and is based on this, I guess: Food stamp program with this headline:   

“It’s Official: White Folks in RED States are the Biggest Food Stamp ‘Moochers’ in the Country!” 

Thought you'd like to know.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

GOP to Voters: Duck — ISIS, Ebola, Obama-care in Your Face

"Cream of the Fear Mongering Crop"

Typical Voter this Cycle 
(the GOP hopes for)

Recommended New GOP Logo

With all the valid reasons not to reelect any GOPer incumbent, or any GOP candidate this cycle, the winds sadly are in their favor (if you trust the polls). The GOP fear and hate PR machine is heavily oiled (read: tons of fresh money) and the wind effect is at their (they think). They in essence not running on ideas or the future, but running full steam against Mr. Obama. They hope and pray that fear and hype and worry on the part of the voters will carry them across the finish line. But, it shouldn't ...

Lead-in clip here (about 5-minutes) - watch and see if you agree or not:

Next month's election will have a major surprise and message for us if it goes their way. It would be a sad message for the country, however, one that says: 

FEAR and HATE are still good GOP products on sale. Get 'em while their hot!!!

We have seen Benghazi (still out there for some like Rep. Issa); the IRS Ohio mess; votes to repeal Obama-care (over 50 failed votes); the Secret Service sex scandal(s) – you name it. Now we have ISIS (in your backyard and close) and Ebola on your door step to worry about as the GOP goes into deeper worry wart territory.

But, none of us are likely to get Ebola or know anyone who will. 

ISIS isn't massed and ready to pour across our borders, either.

If the GOP does take the Senate (which is possible, but not likely I think), we would get deeper gridlock (*if that's even possible). That is not my fear and alarm bell, either. It is based reality and the facts (gridlock and such) over the past 6 years.

You want fear: Just imagine Mitch McConnell (who made Obama a one-term president, right?) in charge of the Senate, right there along side Speaker Boehner in the “ever do anything” House. Ouch.

Selling fear is also good for the media, but surprise, surprise (said with Gomer Pyle accent), FOX’s Shep Smith went a little off-script (or the deep end some might say) when he said about Ebola: “Do not listen to the hysterical voices on the radio and the television, or read the fear-provoking words online (talking about Ebola). You have to remember, that there is politics in the mix.” Double ouch.

B/L (if there is a bottom to all this): The GOP is banking on fear and hype. If so, then the next two years would be a massive [fill in the blank] (*my choice is shit storm).  

Stay tuned and watch how you and your friends vote. Oops. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

RW Drumbeat: More War, Fear, Conspiracy, Blame Obama

Humorous, yes, and a lot of truth -- just ask the GOP/Rightwing
(on message since Jan 20, 2009)

Sadly, some so-called mainstream media is picking up the RW hype and nasty PR game and, yes, it is a game, cite: Ebola scare:

The New York Times' Michael Barbaro theorized Ebola – which, again, has killed a single person in the United States – could define the Obama presidency more than the Affordable Care Act, which has extended health coverage to more than 10 million people and is generally considered the most significant domestic legislative program in a generation, no matter whether you think that is a good or a bad thing.

Call that a WTF moment, shall we?

Then The Hill wrote: “The Ebola crisis in the United States has become an anchor threatening to sink the Obama presidency.”

And, no folks, Ebola is NOT Mr. Obama’s “Katrina” moment … not by a very, very, very long shot.

The latest hype is based on this kind of story, here in part: The American government did not find what it had been looking for at the war’s outset, then it failed to prepare its troops and medical corps for the aged weapons it did find. Their headlines are misleading and false and old and designed for current hype (and more anti-Obama crap):

WMD found in Iraq after all, Bush was right: Pentagon hid chemical weapons?

However, the basic article is from here (NY TIMES). 

Read and decide for yourself.

George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein