Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Weasel Attack in the GOP-Controlled House of Represetatives

Get these Republicans off of me
(/s/ Retirees Seeking Best Financial Advice)

The Department of Labor (DOL) has finalized rules that require financial advisers who help people make investments for retirement to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. But House Republicans aren’t letting the rule go into effect without a fight.
The GOP-run House voted on a resolution (H J RES 88) that would effectively block the new rules, which require advisers to adhere to a “fiduciary standard,” that passed along strict party lines, with 234 Republicans voting yes and 183 Democrats voting no. Republicans claim that the rule will make investment advice more expensive.
Investment advisers are bound to a fiduciary standard that was established as part of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. They can be regulated by the SEC or state securities regulators, both of which hold advisers to a fiduciary standard that requires them to put their client's interests above their own.
That practice was costing Americans billions before the new standard. Financial advisers were only required to give “suitable” advice, which left the door open for them to steer clients into products that made the advisers more money but weren’t the best option.17 billion a year in conflicted advice, according to the White House. Some people say their finances, particularly their chances of retiring comfortably, have been destroyed by bad advice and that they would have simply been better off without it.
Americans have little wiggle room for losing money when it comes to saving enough for retirement. Pensions, which guarantee payments in old age, have been overwhelmingly replaced with 401(k)s, which require individual workers to make smart investment choices in order to have enough to live off of when they stop working. And by and large workers aren’t putting enough aside. The gap between what they should have saved up and what they’ve actually put away is $6.6 trillion. Meanwhile, about 60 percent of working age people have no retirement savings at all.
The House vote, however, is a largely symbolic since the resolution to have any power would have to be taken up and passed by the Senate and sent on to President Obama to sign it into law. But is unlikely since he has already threatened to veto such a move.
So, who still says the GOP stands with hard-working Americans who are at or near retirement and seek the best retirement investment advice?
Well, it sure ain’t the Grand Old Poops, so don't bother to look there for help.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Texas Leading Weasel Boogle Against Immigrants (Surprise, Surprise, Surprise)

DAPA Program and Some Americans in Serious Jeopardy
GOPers have no “illegals” (of any kind) in their family trees, right???

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court hears today an historical case that tests the boundaries of presidential powers and persons here illegally under the DAPA program (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans or Parents of Lawful Permanent Residents). The basic question is whether or not President Obama exceeded his authority with unilateral action to spare some 4 million here illegally from deportation under DAPA, which most Republicans simply advocate deporting all of the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally, citizen children or not, lawful residents or not.
Obama's DAPA plan and decision to implement: That decision arose out of frustration within the White House and the immigrant community about a lack of action to reform immigration and fix this huge problem with such a polarized and divided Washington, DC who constantly fail to address the status of people here illegally or perceived to be here illegally. Not only DAPA which has drawn Republican ire saying Mr. Obama goes around Congress on immigration policy, but and other matters like gun control and the ACA (Obama-care) health care law, which the high court has upheld twice and congress has failed over 60 times to repeal.
(Note: Yet this same GOP-led Congress just sits on their collective hands and does nothing, including not even willing to hear Judge Garland, the nominee to replace Scalia, make his case for appointment, and they have the gall to get paid for not doing their job. They hope the GOP wins the W/H in Nov and then they will move ahead with the choice they obvious want. What if they don’t win the W/H – what then – sustained stalemate?).
Why the Obama plan: Mr. Obama took action after GOP House killed bipartisan legislation, the biggest overhaul of immigration laws in decades that would have provided a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants that has already passed the Senate in 2013. DAPA is tailored to let roughly 4 million people – those who have lived illegally in the United States least since 2010, have no criminal records, and have children who are U.S. citizens by birth, or who are lawful permanent residents. Obama’s plan shields them from deportation and supplies work permits.
Case against the Obama plan: It pits Obama against 26 states led by Texas that filed suit to block his 2014 immigration plan.  Shortly before DAPA was to go into effect last year, a federal judge in Texas blocked it after the Republican-governed states filed suit against it and the Obama executive action. Then the New Orleans-based 5th Court of Appeals upheld that decision in November. Now, the high court is evenly divided raising the possibility of a 4-4 split that would leave in place the lower-court ruling that threw out the president's executive action.
From the HILL: If the justices cannot reach a majority decision, they say states, cities and activist groups could launch a new round of legal challenges in other courts to try to fight the injunction, imposed by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas and upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (New Orleans), also known as the most conservative appeals court in the country. 
The states could argue that they would be deprived of economic benefits of the programs. 
A coalition of 118 cities and counties, including New York City, filed a legal brief last month arguing they could miss out on around $800 million in economic benefits to state and local governments if millions if large numbers of immigrants remain subject to deportation.
Other legal experts call that scenario far-fetched, saying cities and states lack legal standing to bring such a suit based on potential lost benefits.
Immigrant rights groups are hopeful it won’t come a sad or tie decision. Many of them are confident of a victory with Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy likely voting in favor of the Obama administration, saying the states can’t act on this fundamentally a Federal issue.
If not in favor of DAPA, then for all GOP gun nuts: Imagine 11 million people here taking their guns to the streets and demanding action anyway possible? What then – a simple oops won’t work. Sound far-fetched … think again.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Imagine Midnight November 8, 2016 Election Headlines: GOP Wins Everything

The Morning After the Day Before
(Nightmare or Real Possibility???)

Nasty TV Presents New Reality Show
(“It's Me, Me, Me, and Only Me”)

Ponder this Mr. and Mrs. American Voter: What do you want on election day? A new reality show (Def: A TV program in which ordinary people are continuously filmed – one designed to be entertaining rather than informative) or a brighter future for all that makes sense? The choice is actually quite simple.

When it comes to rudeness in this historically crazy 2016 political cycle, the GOP side of the presidential contest wins in a landslide At least according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has found; that is if you trust polls and I mostly, I do. First a few facts: 
  1. Their survey shows that some 78 percent of all Americans, including most Republicans, see the GOP race as discourteous.
  2.  Less than half — just 41 percent — say the same thing about the DEMS.
  3.  A whopping 80 percent – that is 8 in 10 people – say remarks about race, gender, and sexuality are unacceptable in public places. They also say political leaders should be held to a higher standard of behavior than most people.
  4.  Half of the public see this year's campaign for the Republican nomination as mostly rude and disrespectful.  (Note: In stark contrast, only 16 percent said DEM candidates were rude and disrespectful with 25 percent said they were rude sometimes). 

One Donald J. Trump plainly has played the leading role in setting that tone of extra-course nastiness by doling out put-downs to a wide selection of his campaign opponents, media critics, religious groups, debate moderators, rally protesters, by for example:
  1. He called or labeled JEB Bush as “low energy,” 
  2. Then called Marco Rubio “little Marco,” 
  3. Then called and still does call Ted Cruz “lyin Ted,” 
  4. His most-gross insult was to FOX debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, whom he said she “had blood coming out of her wherever” right after she questioned and pressed him about his previous remarks and insults toward  women.

So, congrats Republican Candidates for President: You have made rude top of the vogue list of ugliness and nastiness and thus are awarded this (my suggested) your new party label: Gross Obnoxious Party (still GOP). 

Time to wake up, pinch yourself, you are in control - believe it:

Monday, April 11, 2016

GOP Legal Discrimination Against Gays: Backlash Continues on Wide Front

Nails It

The latest RED state movement: Is the so-called “Religious Freedom” bills being drafted and passed in places like NC and MS are nothing more than a façade used to create carve-outs within existing marriage equality or nondiscrimination laws, that in turn allow individuals, businesses, and even some government employees to refuse service to someone by claiming “it violates my sincerely-held religious beliefs.”

So, legally violate someone else's rights to protect your rights even though that other person may not worship the way you do, or the place you do, or not believe the same way you do, or attend the same place of worship as you do and then call it your right, but not theirs?
How pathetically ironic is that?
RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., has joined the growing list of company heads and municipal officials voicing opposing to North Carolina's new law that prevents specific anti-discrimination rules for LGBT people for public accommodations and restroom use. Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi sent a letter to McCrory calling on him to consider repealing the measure when the General Assembly convenes in Raleigh later this month. Pepsi-Cola traces its roots to North Carolina, where it was created in the late 1890s by New Bern pharmacist Caleb Bradham. PepsiCo's annual shareholder meetings have been held in New Bern in the past several years.
1.     PepsiCo, Inc., has joined the growing list of company heads and municipal officials voicing opposing to North Carolina's new law that prevents specific anti-discrimination rules for LGBT people for public accommodations and restroom use.
2.     The names of another 10 company executives that have signed on to a letter criticizing the law and seeking its repeal, bringing the number of names to more than 120.
3.     New executives include those from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Qualcomm and EMC Corp.
4.     Separately Friday, the venture capital arm of Google's parent corporation confirmed it won't invest in North Carolina startup businesses while the law is in place.
5.     District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser and Boston's city council also this week banned government-connected travel to North Carolina as a sign of opposition to the law. Similar travel bans have been issued by the governors of Washington, New York and Connecticut and by other cities.
6.     Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton sent a letter on Saturday banning state employees from nonessential travel to North Carolina because of the law. He directed all state workers to stop all nonessential travel to North Carolina for conferences or other official state business until further notice.
7.     NCAA President Mark Emmert says he has spoken to North Carolina's governor about the state's new law excluding LGBT people from anti-discrimination protections, making clear if it remains in place it will affect the state's chances to host major college athletic events.
NC GOP Gov. Pat McCrory signed it into law on March 23. It revokes local gay and trans-nondiscrimination ordinances throughout the state, effectively legalizes anti-LGBT discrimination in North Carolina. The law forbids transgender people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. It includes transgender public school students, many of whom will now, in effect, be barred from using the bathroom at school.
ONE BIG KUDO FOR GA (March 28, 2016): GOP Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a similar bill titled: “The Free Exercise Protection Act,” would have given faith-based organizations in Georgia greater leeway to deny services to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people) based on their religious freedom protection.
Bill supporters said “… the law was meant to protect religious freedom.” Critics described it as “deplorable and divisive and blatant discrimination.” Gov. Deal agreed in his remarks saying that he does not support discrimination against anyone just to protect someone else religious freedoms – feeling that law went too far and was unnecessary.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in the United States have evolved over time and vary on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. Since June 26, 2003, sexual activity between consenting adults of the same sex as well as same-sex adolescents of a close age has been legal nationwide, pursuant to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. As of June 26, 2015, all states license and recognize marriage between same-sex couples on account of the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. The GOP went nuts ever since – they can’t help themselves – their racism blinds them to people not like themselves.

Pop Quiz: Where is the best place for a pedophile, pervert, unfaithful spouse, or sex addict to hide in America? In the GOP “family values” caucus.

Friday, April 1, 2016

"The Donald's" BFF Policy Vis-à-Vis Rich Muslims: Allow Them to Come on In

Proclamation to the Muslim World: See I Ain't So Biased

Trump's Rich Muslim BFF Remarks During Wisconsin Town Hall 
(With Chris Matthews on MSNBC) 

During Trump’s Wisconsin Town Hall recently (Wednesday, March 30) — wherein he said women should face punishment for abortions (* presumably if abortions were somehow again made illegal) — the Republican front-runner revealed another interesting tidbit: His proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, the cause of much controversy from him in his harsh remarks about banning them all, would not apply to Trump's wealthy Muslim friends, as he said in part: “I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me. In most cases, they're very rich Muslims, OK?”

Chris Matthews then pressed Trump (as he pressed for more clarity in the answers given by everyone when he interviews them) whether his very rich Muslim friends would be allowed to enter the U.S. during President Trump's Muslim ban (that Trump proposed early on in his campaign), Trump said: “They'll come in. And you'll have exceptions.”

Related from the Washington Post: There is one clear downside to Donald Trump's desire to bar all Muslims from entering the United States: A lot of his company's meetings with its business partners will need to be held overseas.
The extensive conglomeration of businesses that bear the Trump name - either because of his active involvement or thanks to one of his lucrative branding deals - spans the world.
The sun may never have set on the British Empire, but on the rare occasions it sets in the empire of Trump, guests who are watching enjoy the classiest views and most luxurious cocktails.
And that holds true for Trump's customers in the heavily Muslim countries of Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and even Azerbaijan.
Multiple golf courses, hotels and housing projects bear the Trump name in those countries, as do consumer products in stores dotting the Arabian Peninsula.
The Financial Times estimates that Trump earns at least $3.5 million a year from licensing agreements on just two of those properties. The Trump PRVT “mansions near his golf course in Dubai” sell for $1.8 million each – although it’s not clear how much of that money goes to Trump.
The point: Trump makes an awful lot of money from an awful lot of people he'd rather keep from entering the United States. Except as his remarks indicate: His BFF’s would not be banned.
So, a super rich guy, should he become president, would make exceptions to the Muslim ban law that he wants to impose if they were filthy rich folks and are what, his BFF’s?  

Well, as Jim Carrey used to say:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump: Has Said Awful Nasty Ugly Insulting Things — GOP Can't Slow or Stop Him

The GOP and Media Made Trump from Scratch
(Now They Are in Total Shock Asking How)

It seems that more and more we are hearing and reading about the GOP “establishment and their efforts to stop Trump from getting the party’s nomination for the General Election on November 8, 2016.” Or so it seems.

Does that also mean that they are fearful of all the Trump supporters, those who have voted for him as they dismiss his efforts in blowing past a lot of other GOP candidates? Is the GOP also fearful of his impressive wins and if so, does that also mean they are fearful of the millions of voters who keep him in the winning column and in the spotlight, that which he craves so much?

I think so. Would such a move turn off and turn away the Trump supporters and indeed turn them off to the GOP tactics to dump him? Again, I think so.

But, I am not a Republican – but that’s the way I see this scenario unfolding and quite frankly it’s not pretty.

President Obama offered up his own assessment which I found total accurate – posted here again in part that he offered up about Trump and the broader fight for the Republican presidential nomination during a speech recently at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event at the Austin Texas Music Hall this way seen in this short clip:

Here is an extract from this notes: 

Mr. Obama said: “We’ve got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it’s the Home Shopping Network.”

He then said he was unsurprised by the billionaire businessman and reality TV star’s rise, adding: “How can you be shocked? This is the guy, remember, who was sure that I was born in Kenya — who just wouldn’t let it go. And all this same Republican establishment, they weren’t saying nothing. As long as it was directed at me, they were fine with it. They thought it was a hoot, wanted to get his endorsement. And then now, suddenly, we’re shocked that there’s gambling going on in this establishment.”  That is a very clear and concise and spot-on assessment. 

Dr. Frankenstein created a monster from various different body parts, and he was overjoyed that it lived. Now this GOP can’t say the same thing about Donald J. Trump; the creature they helped created by not stopping him early on from growing into what he is now. They misjudged his support and thought falsely he would flame out – he has not.

Trump says there will be riots in Cleveland if he is not nominated... we are about to see.

Thanks for stopping. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Flim-Flam Man or Pseudo Con Artist Par Excellence: Donald J. Trump

Trump the One-Note Song: Me, Me, and Only Me

For anyone who thinks that Trump is not the savvy self-promoter he is, of himself, his name, his line of products (steaks, vodka, personal jets, towers, etc.), or anything else with the Trump label that shows he is an expert pitchman, well, think again. The story in question follows below.

Trump in a word would shame a slick used car salesman. He is an expert showman – a Flim-Flam man par excellence. He could hide his grandmother’s dentures and sell her peanut brittle for Christmas and never blink an eye. 

We see and hear it every single day, everywhere, all the time following his outrageous comments that garnish him free airtime and attention that he thrives on. He is effective and the media laps it up. One does not have to wonder why, either. It's about ratings: his and the media's. Call it the new “Trump-Media Symbiotic Relationship Show.”

Here is the story I reference from Market Watch.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has received the equivalent of $1.9 billion in free advertising due to intense media coverage, a report said Tuesday.

The New York Times, using data from mediaQuant, says Trump’s free advertising is based on media coverage and the equivalent advertising rates.

Trump’s coverage pales to his nearest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, who has earned $313 million [in free media attention].

The free media has helped Trump vault to the top of the Republican presidential standings despite the paltry $10 million in paid advertising, which is only the sixth highest of all candidates.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spent the most, $82 million, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spent the second-most at $55 million.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has earned $746 million to Sen. Bernie Sanders $321 million in free air time. They each have spent $28 million on Ads.

As Yogi Berra was fond to say: “It’s ain’t over till it’s over.”  

Thanks for stopping by. A lot more is in store until November 8, 2016. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

ORANGE is the New Red, White, and Blue: Replaces Old Glory with New Gory

Trump's Personal Name Tag Worn at Public Gatherings

Now Get Down on Your Knees

From MSNBC here (verbatim):  He’s been called the “wrecking ball for the future of the Republican party, very divisive, and a a hate-spewing character,” but to hear Donald Trump tell it, he’s got millions — maybe even billions — of good relationships and people who love him. Let’s take a look at the long, growing, and often debatable list of people Trump swears adore him. 

1.  Mexicans:  “I have a great relationship the Mexican people. I love them, they love me!” Trump told NBC News in the wake of international outrage and controversy over his assertion that Mexican immigrants illegally coming into the U.S. are criminals, rapists, and drug dealers. 

2.  The Blacks:  “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks. But unfortunately, it seems that, you know, the numbers you cite are very, very frightening numbers,” he said, suggesting that African-Americans only voted for President Obama because he is black.

3. Neil Young:  “I love Neil Young,” Trump told Bloomberg after the rock star asked the Republican candidate to stop using his music as part of his campaign.  “And he loves me! We have a great relationship.”

4.  Buffalo Residents:  “I think the people of Buffalo, they already like me — I have a great relationship with the people of Buffalo,” Trump said last year as he weighed a bid to build the new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Upon losing the stadium to another bidder, Trump fired off a handful of disparaging tweets about the Buffalo NFL team and the buyer who did get it: “I’m glad I didn’t get the Bills. Boring games,” he tweeted.

5. The “TEA” Party:  “I think I bring a lot of people. But first of all, I have a great relationship, as you know, with the tea party folks. I mean, I love the tea party. They’ve made this world aware of what’s going on with our country. So I have a great relationship there,” Trump told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in 2012 when asked about what he brings to Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign.

“The tea party loves me,” he said in Nevada this month. According to the most recent Monmouth University poll, this is now true. However, one major tea party group— the Club for Growth — has made it quite clear they can’t be bothered with Trump’s candidacy.  “The Club for Growth has issued very substantive and detailed white papers on the records of the major announced Republican candidates for president. There is no need to do a white paper on Donald Trump.”

“He is not a serious Republican candidate, and many of his positions make him better suited to take on Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary,” the group said in a statement. 

6.  Christian Conservatives:  “I have a great relationship with the entire Christian Coalition. I have amazing friendships in that whole group. And I love them and I respect them. And you know, I think I have great, great relationships,” he continued in the same Fox News interview.

7.  Americans who don’t like getting ripped off:  “Maybe most importantly, I have great relationships with the people of this country that are tired of being ripped off by China and by OPEC and by everybody else that does business with us. And they’re just draining trillions of dollars out of the pockets of our citizens. And I have great relationship with them,” he added in the Van Susteren interview.

8.  Scots, particularly those from Aberdeen: “I have a great relationship with the people of Scotland and an unbelievably good relationship with the people of Aberdeen,” he said in June while protesting wind farms planned for the Aberdeenshire coast near a golf course he owns.

“The people in Aberdeen love me, we have a lot of people employed and they love Trump.” Trump’s development on the Scottish coast prompted massive backlash from locals and environmentalists over the destruction of grasslands and dunes, prompting a particularly hostile documentary “You’ve Been Trumped” that portrayed the real estate mogul as a vain bully.

9.  Indians: “India is a great country. I love Indians because they are amazing people. I have a great relationship with the people from India. I know many of them so closely because they like to live in Trump Towers in New York City and other places,” Trump told an Indian magazine last year.

10.  Russians:  “The Russian market is attracted to me,” Trump told Real Estate Weekly in 2013 after the Miss Universe contest he owns took place in Moscow. “I have a great relationship with many Russians, and almost all of the oligarchs were in the room.” 

11.  Atlantic City, NJ: “I have a great relationship with Atlantic City,” Trump said after a new CEO was appointed to Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., a company that owns three casinos in the city and has struggled with a slew of bankruptcies and big losses.

12.  Everyone:  “I get along with everybody,” Trump told Anderson Cooper on CNN recently. “People love me, and you know what? I’ve been very successful, everybody loves me.”

NOTE: Everyone could not be reached for comment on this at this time, and a spokesman for Trump also did not respond to a request for comment about everyone.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

GOP Present-Past: Big Dick; Little Dick; Dickless; Dickhead; Dark Dick; Tricky Dick

Three Dicks and a John

Tricky Dick and the Hillary Connection
(Who’d a believed it???)

So, now here we are today: smack dab in the middle an ugly, nasty presidential race and who pops up? Richard M. Nixon. Wow; no, double wow; no, wait, double dog wow.  And, don't forget the last administration who had “Dark Dick” (Cheney).

Background thus far: The Hillary Clinton email scandal and her defense up to this point has been “that the material she received at home via her private server was not technically classified at the time that it was sent or received by her.” Therefore, she claims it was not classified information when he got it at home.

On the surface that sounds reasonable and plausible, but the problem is that it was not reviewed and classified because it was kept out of the State Department system (a system known as “jumping the gap that is between classified and unclassified and vice versa – see more on this below). So, what does this all mean? Simply put it means these things based on current events:

The DOJ has granted immunity to former State Department staffer, Bryan Pagliano, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server at her home.

He had refused to cooperate after invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination until now. He was an obvious target of potential criminal charges if he knew that the server was meant to circumvent federal laws, including the mishandling of classified information.  

Then sprinkle in this update from FOX news: There is a new report that FBI investigators are zeroing in on the possibility that passwords were exchanged to allow people to access classified sites, by explaining how classified information seems to “jump the gap” between secure and non-secure systems; if so, then that is a strictly prohibited practice, and dangerous waters for Mrs. Clinton.

Also, from that same exclusive report from FOX, this:

The FBI is investigating whether computer passwords were shared among Hillary Clinton's close aides to determine how sensitive intelligence “jumped the gap” between the classified systems and Clinton's unsecured personal server, according to an intelligence source familiar with the probe.

That intelligence source emphasized to FOX News that “… if Clinton was allowing other people to use her passwords, that is a big problem” because the Foreign Service Officers Manual (FSOM) prohibits the sharing of passwords because such passwords are required to access each State Department network and are strictly controlled.

Those passwords include access to the network regarding highly classified intelligence, some known as “SCI” – Sensitive Compartmented Information.

And, also access to State’s unclassified system, known as “SBU” – or Sensitive but Unclassified. This is according to former State Department employees.

FOX News was told there are several potential scenarios for how classified information got onto Clinton’s server:

More at the FOX link below, but the key to that from this source contains a bunch of “if’s…”

Back to Pagliano: The presumption for him is that he will be granted “use” immunity rather than “transactional” immunity and the law references a court order. Here is the section explaining “use” immunity.  

Transactional immunity is the broadest type of immunity: It offers complete protection from future prosecution for any matter mentioned in the immunized testimony. 

Because it’s so broad, transactional immunity is also commonly referred to as “total” or “blanket” immunity.

Although transactional immunity offers the most protection for a witness, it doesn’t prevent prosecution for criminal activities that are unrelated to something discussed in the immunized testimony. And transactional immunity isn’t always available — for example, the federal system doesn’t use it.

What Mrs. Clinton should have known: That most high-level communications are treated as classified and only individually marked as classified when there is a request for disclosure. That person does not generate material as the Secretary of State and assumes it is unclassified. That person is also supposed to assume and treat materials as presumptively classified. 

Indeed that understanding was formally agreed to by Mrs. Clinton when she signed the “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement,” or SF-312 upon appointment to her office. It states that “classified information is marked or unmarked classified information, including oral communications.” Otherwise, there would be massive exposure of classified material and willful blindness as to the implications of the actions of persons disregarding precautions.

Resources used for this post:

(1)  NOLO here

The bottom line if that’s even possible this early and in this hectic election cycle is simply that she is has not been indicted or found guilty in court beyond a reasonable doubt. The investigation is still ongoing. Sadly as I said, this is an ugly election year and more nastiness is apt to filter through since this GOP is not ready or willing to admit that she is not guilty of this email-gate or about Benghazi, either. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Spot a Political Weasel: Look for Blonde Wavy Hair Plugs Resembling Wings

Wavy Wing Hair: Dead Giveaway

Big Money Behind the Scenes Against Trump

First of all, watch this John Oliver segment about Trump on HBO.
Then you will see why nearly the entire GOP so-called “big donor establishment” is having kittens about how to stop Donald J. Trump. This 20-minute segment may be the best in HBO political history and John Oliver delivers big time. It surely is a keeper as they say. Enjoy.

Now, this excellent rundown from The Hill – my editing to fit the blog – noting highlights below:
Trump says: “We’re going to go to Florida, we’re going to spend so much time in Florida. I know that a lot of groups, a lot of the special interests and a lot of the lobbyists and the people that want to have their little senator do exactly as they want. ... But he’s not going anywhere anyway.”
Interviews with more than half a dozen sources involved in the various anti-Trump efforts reveal that anti-Trump strategies are developing at a frantic pace.  
A number of donors approached by the anti-Trump forces, however, have described the efforts as too little, too late after Trump’s domination of the early-voting states and near sweep of Super Tuesday contests, with one GOP mega-donor saying: “The game’s changed; it’s too big now,” (that donor has been approached by NYC hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who is a Rubio supporter, to join the anti-Trump effort. Then the donor concluded: “You can’t raise enough money to make a difference in these big media markets, especially Florida. That’s an expensive-ass media market.”
Note: About 50 Republican donors convened on a conference call Tuesday afternoon to hear anti-Trump pitches from GOP mega-donors Todd Ricketts, Meg Whitman, and Singer, according to two sources who participated in the call. The New York Times was the first to report the story. 
One major donor said: “I’m not going to send any money. I mean, I applaud what they’re doing … but it might be too late.” Another big Republican donor who has been personally approached by both Singer and Ricketts to join their anti-Trump efforts said that he wasn’t convinced by their arguments, although he respects what both are trying to do.  He added that Ricketts was trying to persuade him that Our Principles PAC early spending in Iowa did significant damage to Trump, who lost the caucuses there to Ted Cruz. But the donor described Ricketts’s argument as “confirmation bias” and then the donor told The Hill: “At this point it’s bad money after bad. I think it is flat-out crazy” (this donor supports Cruz). 
A source close to Our Principles PAC confirmed that Ricketts and the group had been arguing that the anti-Trump advertising in Iowa worked and could be equally effective in future states, said: “Iowa is one of the few places that Trump has come under a sustained advertising and messaging campaign. We educated people about his record, and it’s not surprising that it’s one of the states that Donald Trump has not won. And this particular fact is one that Todd Ricketts has shared with people and the PAC has shared with potential supporters. It’s an important fact,” that source concluded. 
The Ricketts family has shown it is willing to spend, adding to its initial $3 million investment in Our Principles PAC despite receiving a threat from Trump (two sources told The Hill).
Another question doing the gossip rounds in Republican donor circles is what will be done with the more than $15 million still sitting in the pro-Bush super-PAC Right to Rise.  Two of Right to Rise biggest donors told The Hill that they believe the money will be returned on a percentage basis to the donors. But other donors say there have been informal conversations among Right to Rise officials about using that money to go after Trump.
Still think the GOP is not in deep doo-doo – better think again. Those big donors are worried sick – and rightly so. Even Jar-Jar Binks thinks so - just ask him:

Thanks for stopping by pray for the GOP's survival (big smile - no, not really).

Saturday, February 27, 2016

How McConnell and GOP Aims to Stop Trump Surge: Their Red or Blue Pill Option

McConnell Could Not Stop Mr. Obama from a Second Term as Promised

McConnell's New Mission: Stop Trump as GOP Nominee

Here Mitch Old Boy - Making It Easy for You

I don't know how true this story is or not, but it makes sense knowing how bad Mitch McConnell's is about with his nasty stunts and track record up to this point has been in a word, piss poor, but this about one just about takes the proverbial cake ... that story from here and also at a number of other sources.

If all fails old Mitch can always call on the GOP's #1 dirty trickster, Karl Christian Rove, who has already proven how wrong he can be, but he does have a ready supply of nasty stuff up his sleeve nevertheless.

Rove even predicted Romney's win on live TV (via FAUX naturally discussing the Ohio numbers – seen here and later called the “Rove Meltdown”). Also, in print here.

This outta get some media attention for a week or so ... I can't wait to see how that is spun and plays out.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Senators Up for Reelection and Six More Years: Caution Needed in Each Case

Blue (10 DEM seats) ; Red (24 GOP seats): Up for Reelection

Typical GOPer Incumbent Seeking Votes
(Mike Pence in Indiana)

GOP Senators up for reelection this cycle may rely on this campaign slogan that goes something like this: 

“Vote for me and I will totally, lock-step, and 100% support our leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell in his pledge not to do anything until after January 20, 2017, when a Republican takes over the Oval Office from that fake phony Muslim now sitting there illegally. 

These are my specific promises:

(1) I will 100% not support any Obama Supreme Court nominee; (2) I will oppose and vote no on any funding for Planned Parenthood; (3) I will absolutely continue to oppose and work to repeal Obama-care – that job-killer; (4) I will stand for a new AUMF against Syria; and, (5) and for sure I will work to hold more commission investigations of Benghazi until we nail Hillary Clinton.

That is my pledge to you and the American people. Please send your campaign contribution to me ASAP.

Now this short clip update from the GOP “leader” – Sen. Mitch McConnell – more details here:

Just hours after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, McConnell announced that he would confirm no one President Obama nominates to fill the seat, adding in part: “This vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.”

Now, however, McConnell appears to be having second thoughts — not about blocking Mr. Obama’s nominee per se since he is fully committed to that position, but about whether it is a good idea to allow the next president to fill the seat either.

Wow. Stay tuned – it ain’t over till it’s over.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Pop Quiz: How Many Weasels Can Run or Ruin Government? Just Ask the GOP

Despite GOP Denial, There is a GOP War on Women
(open your eyes and see)

FOX Minions Across the Board Support and Defend the GOP
(Any Danger to America? Try Watching Fox)

This topic should motivate every woman in the country, but it won't that is obvious. Nevertheless there is a war on women in America and the main driver of that train out of control is the GOP despite all the denial otherwise. Opinion and views can never displace facts and that is what we are dealing with today - that is for anyone who bothers to be open-minded and fair in their assessment.

Despite a complete lack of evidence that Planned Parenthood is breaking any laws, Republican lawmakers are pressing ahead with their relentless crusade against the national women’s health organization.

A series of heavily edited videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling aborted baby parts continues to influence the national debate, even though it’s become clear those claims aren’t based in fact. Last month, a Houston grand jury concluded that Planned Parenthood hasn’t done anything wrong. Every state-level investigation into the group has come up empty.

But that’s made no difference to the GOP politicians who are insistent on using this discredited information to attack Planned Parenthood. It’s working. In several states this week, Republican leaders successfully advanced their efforts to undermine the organization’s work.

State actions follow at the link – check them out.

The GOP across the board should be ashamed. Take a stand with Planned Parenthood – the courts have even though the GOP hardliners have not – how ironic is that (Cite: Texas ruling)… ouch.  

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Dominates the Headlines With More Asinine Stuff: PR Showman for Sure

I can’t believe I actually said that crap!!!
(and with so many people who love me, too)

First of all definition from this source, Donald J. Trump by most expert measurement suffers from “megalomania which is a psycho-pathological disorder wherein a person experiences delusional fantasies of greatness, wealth, grandeur, omnipotence and superiority. A person with this type of (dare I say) mental illness will be obsessed with doing extravagant things, will think only about themselves, will not have any concern for others and will have lust for power and money. A megalomaniac person will also exaggerate his/or her talent in an unrealistic egoistic way, consider them as unique and will be self- centered. According to the experts, this mental disorder is related to Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) which means self-love.”

Does that sound like Trump or not?

Now a new headlines to emphasize how dangerously sick this man truly is. A great PR artist, a slickster, indeed a Flim-Flam king, par excellence, but one who should never be anywhere near the White House, let alone sitting in the Oval Office as Commander-in-Chief, period. That story from here (NY Daily News), in part:

Donald Trump's tough talk on terrorism took a bizarre and bloodthirsty turn Friday as he gleefully retold a stomach-turning tall tale about Muslim extremists being killed with bullets that had been dipped in pig’s blood. His supporters rabidly cheered him on as the GOP presidential front-runner turned myth into his own reality, telling them at a rally in North Charleston, S.C., about U.S. Gen. John Pershing supposedly executing dozens of Muslims held prisoner in the Philippines.

Continue at the link.

Sadly, his supporters love this kind of crap. The question is why and what does it say about our overall national sanity. How about (maybe) it be redefined in one word: ugly.

Stay tuned and watch SC results and then beyond.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Memo for Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops: Your Preaching is Fake and Phony

GOP's Fav Menu Dish
(About the same as a plate of cold crow)

Counter to Most Important GOP Bullshit
(Obama is weak on defense by cutting the military)

As simple as I can say it: The GOP is full of it and that quote kinda proves the point.

So, what shall we do about the JCS Vice Chairman and this his honest assessment?

What does the GOP have in store for him and his fate? 

Simple: Bring the guilty bastard in, give him a fair trial, and then hang him out to dry – sound familiar?

So, why so harsh? Of course of his utter heresy. Call it a WTF moment or maybe a Rick Perry “oops” realization.  The General basically throws the entire GOP, FOX types, and Talk Radio gasbags all under the proverbial bus and rightly so. 

I couldn’t resist this post for a number of obvious reasons. This GOP is so pathetic that it nearly defies gravity itself.

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